Lucus a non lucendo

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The project concerns the extractions of hydrocarbons in an almost unknown region of South Italy, Lucania, and its effects on its social environment.

Lucania has 580,000 inhabitants and covers an area of 9.992 km2. Mining activity is already in progress on 3.712 km2 and there has already been an official request to conduct further exploration on the remaining 2.548 km2. About 62% of the territory of Basilicata is affected by this phenomenon. The contrast between the extreme poverty and misery of the past and the relative prosperity of the area today is quite stark. However, although there is an abundance of natural resources, it is not the ordinary people of the region who benefit.

‘Locus a non lucendo’ is a Latin phrase that gives to the region its name and means ‘place without light’ referring to the impenetrable forest of the area. It is because of this forest that the subsoil is rich in the organic material which encourages thermal maturation and permits the oil composition. The aim of this work is an attempt to exorcise the lack of light trying to narrate what’s happening in the area by persuading its inhabitants of turn in front of the camera and let them narrate what has not to be oscured anymore. It is a work inspired by courage and perseverance. It is a journey through the intention to narrate Lucania and the desire to return its inhabitants their natural voice.

On-going project.